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Amaranth Costume Design


Branding, Website Design, Social Media Marketing



Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC, InVision

Amaranth Costumes Design is a historically-based costume and commissions shop with a mission to bring joy to customers one garment at a time. While not historically accurate, Amaranth uses sustainably sourced materials for the majority of their costumes, making them more comfortable, accessible and eco-friendly. Who wouldn’t feel confident wearing one of their unique pieces?

The typographic logo design is a reflection of the costumes, based on classical typeface with a touch of modern. We kept the brand colors feminine but not “girly”, inspired by the both the plant and company’s namesake and the jewel tones used in many Amaranth garments.

I worked very closely with the business owner to create Amaranth’s brand story. We initially determined her business goals and then established the company’s mission, vision statement, values, brand pillars and voice. I then worked on creating a visual identity system and website design (I only provided the mock-ups for this project) that reflected the business and would speak to her target audience. When we started working together, the business owner was very reserved, I’d say almost doubtful at times. However, I personally witnessed the positive impact the branding process had in building her confidence as a business owner and that was priceless!

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